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Victory Church Belfast ,is a newly formed church September 2016 .Led by Pastor Gary Mckibben and wife Kelly .The church is founded on the principles of the gospel.We are saved by Grace through faith .God has accomplished all through his son ,our lord Jesus Christ and as such he has freed us to live victorious in this life not because of our circumstances but because we walk with him and he has overcome the world,He has put a new song in our heart and that is a song of Victory!  

We centre upon teaching the entirety of scripture and the NOW word of God through the eschatological reading of scripture.

We teach Pre Tribulation rapture and premillenial  dispensation.   

We believe these are exciting prophetic times to be alive ,as we see prophecy continue to converge,As such we teach the mandate to be about our fathers business to focus on kingdom business before the return of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ our blessed hope!  

Victory Church Belfast.

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