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Who is Pastor Gary

Pastor Gary is lead pastor at Victory Church Belfast.Trained by C.L.I and ordained as a pastor.Pastor Gary has a Bachelors degree in Modern History from Queens University Belfast and a love of Christian Apologetics after studying for 2 years in this area.

A former professional Kickboxing champion and Master in the art of Jujistu with 7th Degree blackbelt ,hall of fame inductions and lots of titles and awards.Pastor Gary chose to walk away from teaching people the art of war in a physical sense to focusing in on teaching believers the spiritual warfare how to stand firmly through the spiritual war we are in.

Victory Church also has within the premises a martial arts studio helping bullied children etc 

He birthed Victory street Church ,equipping others to go to the streets ,preach ,teach and feed those in need.

In 2020 Pastor Gary and his wife Kelly started a small foodbank in the area of East Belfast to help those struggling (Victoryfoodbank)

Pastor Gary Started Victory Church online to help teach line by line through weekly bible studies to people all over the world ,equipping the saints!

Married to the wonderful Kelly Mckibben and father of 5 children all who love Jesus 

Victory Church believes in teaching the entirety of the word of God with a focus on eschatology!    

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My Story

At the age of 8 when asked by a teacher what I wanted to be when I was older .I answered a martial arts master and champion and a missionary/teacher of the bible.I quickly forgot about the latter and focused in on my martial arts training .By the time I met my now wife (Kelly) I was already a champion and teacher and  had an unhealthy focus on self. God met me and brought me under magnificent conviction on my wedding day .I accepted Jesus as Lord of my life that day ,as my new wife looked at me like I was a weirdo for my new confession. This unequal yoking would become a hardship later on. Three and a half years into our marriage I broke my back in an accident and for the next year my wife would be my carer .Five years into our marriage my wife told me she didn't love me anymore and walked out of our family home taking our two children at the time. I had my faith tested at this time and failed miserable at the beginning. Upon hearing my wife say she didn't love me anymore ,I tried (thankfully unsuccessfully) to end my life. Over the next 18 months though I discovered depth in my walk ,and learnt to trust and be happy with me and Jesus alone . Meeting to see my children on my son's birthday 18 months after the split ,my wife said 'she wanted what/who I had' she wanted Jesus .For whoever I have led to the Lord this one was by far the most special for me. My wife was saved and on fire for Jesus. A decade later we would start Victory Church and the rest is history. God has been amazing to us on a continual basis ,not only has he healed me of a broken back once ,but twice ,when I attempted to come out of retirement as a fighter. He healed my son after a terrible third degree burn accident that should have left him scarred. He has brought us as a family through every trial and given us a testimony each and every time! Our God is mighty to be praised!!


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